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Start Now – You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Exercise

You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Exercise

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You want to get out and exercise but you don’t like the way you look in women’s fitness clothing.

If you’d lose weight, you’d feel more comfortable exercising and wearing shorts, tank tops, yoga pants, and all those other cute women’s workout clothes.

But you feel like you can’t lose weight because you think you have to be thin to exercise.

Talk about a catch-22!

It’s a problem that troubles me because it prevents people from receiving all of the benefits of exercising.

I’m talking about more than losing weight, although that’s certainly a good benefit that comes from exercise.


Endorphins -  How to experience “bliss” at any weight.

Exercise not only helps you lose weight, it also helps your body release the kick-butt hormones called endorphins.

Endorphins should be called “bliss” because that’s what they make you feel.

You feel so good after exercising and those endorphins help you sleep better. They make you happier and they improve your immune system.


I understand that you want to look good when you’re working out. And maybe you feel a little out of shape and awkward during your first few gym workouts or fitness classes. But, let it go. The benefits of exercise will far outweigh the momentary nervousness of your first couple workouts.

And truth be told, folks aren’t looking at you when they are working out – they are concentrating on their OWN exercise. Trust me!

Just start moving and remember -  You don’t have to be thin to exercise!


Start Walking

Not sure where to begin?

Start walking.

Everyone walks.

It’s how our bodies move, and you certainly don’t need to wear any special fitness equipment.

Try this. When you get home from work, start with a walk around the block.

If you have a dog, take them for a walk so you both get a little exercise.

Start parking further away from your supermarket, workplace and anywhere that you drive. That extra trek across the parking lot will help you start burning calories and losing weight.


Walking is my favorite exercise because most everyone can do it. You don’t even need any special shoes.

A comfy pair of sneakers will help, though. Walking in high heel shoes gets painful quickly!

You don’t need any special fitness clothing. You can walk in your work clothes. You can walk in your jeans, sweats, even your pajamas! Whatever works for you.

You can also walk indoors if walking out of doors isn’t an option. I enjoy walking during bad weather days (as long as I am all bundled up!) but I certainly understand that’s not for everyone.

Walking treadmills are small and compact and traditional treadmills work too. Some even have built-in hill programs so you burn more calories.


It is SO EASY to get started

This is what I love about walking to lose weight.

You can start right now. Put on your shoes. Grab your jacket and go take a walk.

Your body was meant to move so move it in the most natural way possible, by walking.

You’ll start feeling better.

You’ll start losing weight and best of all; you’ll begin to feel more comfortable exercising.

Weight loss and learning how to get fit doesn’t have to be a painful struggle. It can be a fun, rewarding, and empowering experience. If you want to lose weight and feel happy while you’re doing it, click here

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