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Do you wonder… “Why is it SO HARD to Lose Weight?”

Do you feel like you are fighting a losing battle trying to get the pounds off?

If so…..

You are not alone.

Almost everyone that is losing weight or trying to lose weight says that their biggest weight loss challenge and their worst enemy when it comes to weight loss is….. themselves!

What do they mean by that?

One lady told me that her biggest challenge when trying to lose weight is….

“me, myself …my mind… my thoughts! It’s like I defeat myself even before I start, I know this is wrong and still can’t control it.”

When changing from poor habits to more healthy habits, we tend to be our biggest critics rather than our own best cheerleaders!

Has this happened to you?

You begin a new diet or new healthy plan or new exercise program.

You are excited!

THIS is the plan that is going to work!

You have HIGH HOPES!

And then the first day……. or the first week……. you face some “unplanned mouthwatering temptation” or you have a very stressful day and then you give into a little tiny bite of something tempting you….

and then you tell yourself….oh well I have blown my diet….I may as well eat the rest of the plate of brownies or the remainder of the ice cream in the freezer or the plate of nachos or bag of chips, etc.

And by doing that, we sabotage our efforts to get healthy!

Here is what I hope you will do instead the very NEXT TIME you make the choice to eat better or move more.

  • Please be kind to yourself
  • Take baby steps
  • TRACK those baby steps so you can look back and see how well you have been doing and how far you have come.

You want to pat yourself on the back every day for EVERY LITTLE THING you do that builds on your good health.

One thing I do that helps is to track my food and my exercise and my “feelings” in a diary.

No big huge entries each day – so it is not a lot of work – it takes just a couple minutes.

You will want to jot down:

  • what you have eaten
  • the daily exercise you have done that day and
  • a little about what is going on in your life

I have done this for years and it really helps me – It might help you too.

It is fun to look back over the years and see how many miles I have hiked — how many hours I have biked — how many new fun healthy recipes I have tried.

It makes me see I am on the right track and that I am taking care of my as well as I possibly can.

And when I do have those times where I give into temptation (of course I still have those days once in a while!) all I have to do is look at my journal and see that USUALLY I do very well with my healthy habits….and so it is easy to get back on track right away.

The more you do for yourself that is healthy, the better mental outlook you will have about yourself and the better you feel about yourself the better you will do with implementing simple healthy habits that will help you lose weight, get healthy and keep the weight off for good!

You WILL become that healthy, slim, and strong person that you know deep down you are!

Remember – YOU ROCK!! :)

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