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When the Weather Outside is Frightful….

Ok….so it IS December

Have any of you woke up to something that looks like this?

Just a tad bit of snow!

And very chilly temps?

Last year, I toughed it out.

Nearly EVERY day my hubby and I were out walking for exercise no matter what the weather.

Sometimes it was a pretty day like in this picture.  Still, it was VERY cold and I am bundled up big time here. I think I have 4 or 5 layers of thermals on!

And then some days were beautiful… this one… (you can see my pedometer on the front of my shirt!)

And some days…

…were just plain miserable cold. Making a little Gore-Tex fashion statement.

(see the snow flake falling in front of my face above?)


Or this day…below….bundling up like I do…so NOT slimming or flattering! LOL


And then there was this day….I think my “dork-meter” is totally pegged out here!

Love that winter hat!  It IS warm though! And that’s what counts when its freezing outside!

THIS winter my hubby and I decided that on the really cold miserable days we would work out indoors.

I have my favorite yoga and pilates dvds. But we have to get in some cardio for burning calories too.

And as you know, we LOVE to walk!

Yes, we have a treadmill but that can get boring…plus then we have to take turns and we prefer to work out together.

So…I went on a hunt to find a good indoor walking workout or two.

And I found some great ones!  They are LOTS of fun – yes, working out can be fun. And you feel AMAZING when you are done!

Plus these indoor walking workout dvds really burn calories fast and boost your metabolism.

Click this link to see my latest favorite walking exercise videos and dvds.

Give an indoor walking workout a try and I promise you will have a blast, lose weight and get that fabulous endorphin rush that makes you feel SO good you won’t even notice the frightful weather outside.

What are you waiting for? Get started today! Click here to find your favorite walking exercise dvds!

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