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From Zero to Cranky in 5 seconds

Have you been struggling to GET STARTED with getting healthy?

Do you think its TOO hard to lose weight or to exercise?

Stop right there!

Get real with yourself for a moment.

Having diet related diabetes….now that’s hard!

Sleep Apnea….due to obesity….total bummer!

Osteoarthritis pain that’s exacerbated by your weight…that really sucks!

Depression or severe sadness about your current weight and/or health -that’s very painful

If you have health issues because you are overweight – life can be a Cranky-Fest, right?

It can be hard to feel good when you feel so bad – inside and out.

And all those health issues (diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety, etc) can make your daily life MUCH HARDER and who needs more stress? Do YOU???  I’m not signing up for it!

When I was fat, getting called names, and my health was poor, and I was hiding in big huge clothes because I was so ashamed of my body….THAT was HARD!


Did everything in my life become super easy when I lost all the weight?


But it DID make handling all the stress of daily life much easier.

And yes – life is better 70 pounds lighter!

In the last 12 weeks, I have had MEGA-stress.

My 85 year old dad moved here, had surgery, needed intense bedside care for 3 weeks,  then he went back to the hospital, and then just this week he had to move again…to assisted living.

I’ve been…

  • working full time
  • helping my dad with care
  • moving my dad TWICE
  • not sleeping well due to stress and concern for my dad
  • not getting to eat my usual healthy food that I cook

[Insert insane scream here!]

And all through the last 12 weeks…

I have still been trying to keep eating better and moving more!

But, it has been tough!

I bet you could tell me some tough stories from YOUR neck of the woods too, right? Is everything going perfectly right? Or are you having a bit of stress from daily life too?

Even though the last 12 weeks have been hard, I would not take back any of the time I have spent with my dad helping him. And dad is really doing well now, thank You Lord!

Being fit and having some pretty good eating habits has helped me weather this STRESS STORM much better than when I was overweight and unhealthy.

I have still been working out – still walking nearly every day (I shoot for 5 miles a day) +my favorite DVDs with light weights / stretching / yoga / pilates

I still eat pretty darn healthy...but I must confess I have had way too much pizza on stressful nights when I have gotten home TOO late or TOO tired to make dinner.

And I am still making time every day to pray and count my blessings. Even if I can only find 5-10 minutes to spare!

Here is a suggestion if you are stressed out or cranky….

What helps me might help you.

My husband has figured ME out BIG TIME — when he sees my cranky person emerge (and I am sad to say it has been showing up way too much lately!), he encourages me to go do one of my favorite exercise DVDs. A fitness DVD that stretches me, strengthens me and calms me down.

And my hubby is right! (He often is!)

After I spend 20-30 minutes doing a DVD, I am able to think more clearly.  The endorphins are flowing. I feel better.

And I am renewed to face the next challenge.

So….if you feel a CRANKY PERSON inside of you…

Find an exercise that you love.  There is one out there!! Trust me!

Then….. start moving more each day and your stress will decrease, your extra weight will come off, and maybe your life may not be a bed of roses…but it will be better!

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Iamloved1 November 11, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Totally agree! I can be bummed about some little thing, but when I go to my water aerobics class, I always leave happier than when I got there. The exercise helps, but the companionship is mahvelous, dahling. Gotta love them endorphins!


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