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Truth about “Fake” Photo-Shopped Magazine Covers

Thank you Jamie Lee ! You rock!

Jamie Lee Curtis is a hero of mine.  (She is a best-selling author of children’s books and actress in True Lies,  Trading Places, Halloween and more)

Why is she a hero?

Because she got “real” in front of the camera and showed us the truth behind the photo-shopping and “glamming” up that goes on with photo shoots and magazine covers.

Jamie did a feature article in MORE magazine (in 2002) and asked that she be photographed BEFORE they did her hair and makeup. And BEFORE they photo-shopped away any imperfections.

She wanted us to see the REAL Jamie.

The authentic Jamie.

Not because she LOVES to show her imperfections.

But because she wanted us to see the truth so we wouldn’t be taken in by the FRAUD of what we are bombarded with every day from magazine covers.

She did not have to do it – but she did and I am so VERY proud of her for being real and teaching us all that what we see on magazine covers is not real.

So thank you Jamie for being brave and being real!

If you want to read the entire article about Jamie click here

my thoughts on this….

Can we all just start with accepting ourselves right now the way we are and be grateful for the health that we do have?

Pushing yourself to be “perfect” when it is simply not attainable is a waste of your very precious energy. And don’t we need our energy for more important stuff?   — Jana

Here is a video that shows you just they do when they create a print ad – it is SHOCKING!

A big thank you to Dove (Campaign for Real Beauty) for this video that shows photo-shopping in action.

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