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True Confessions of a former Binge Eater

True Confessions of a former Binge Eater

Quite a few years ago *FOOD*
was the primary player in my life.

Food was the STAR!

And I was the supporting player….

I literally arranged my life around
-my next snack
-my next meal
-my next binge….

I started young. I was a very fat and unhealthy child.

My mom was obese and she struggled with weight and
food issues her whole life.

My mom was a great cook and
she liked feeding her kids
the same way she fed herself.

Unfortunately I learned to like unhealthy fattening food
because that was almost all we ate. And I grew larger and larger.

From my earliest memories of childhood, I was called
fatty, hog-slop, chubby-kins…etc.

I often heard the phrase: “Fatty Fatty two by four – can’t get through the kitchen door!”

A “friend” wrote this in my yearbook: “I thought it was an earthquake, but it was just you walking by.”

Nice guy….huh?

The verbal abuse and unkind words and the humiliation of that time in my life was excruciating.

Food made me happy.
Food made me sad.
Food caused me to isolate.
Food became my enemy.
And food took over my life……

I did a lot of soul searching and researching and
experimenting because I wanted food to be in its proper

Food is really NOT the enemy. Heck, I love food!It was the way I was USING food.

I just wanted to be able to enjoy food properly and be slim and healthy. Can you relate? ;)

At first, I tried pretty much every weight loss method that
came out. I was open to anything that might work.

I read nearly every single diet book

I tried nearly every new idea that came down the weight loss road

And I learned A LOT

There were some really good things
some really healthy habits I picked up

….and there were some AWFUL unhealthy things I tried – Yikes!

Bottom line was….
I wanted to be able to enjoy food without it controlling me!

I WAS an emotional eater and I was tired of it!

I was sick of how bad I felt (inside and out)

I wanted to stop binge eating

I wanted to be slim and healthy

I wanted to enjoy life

And I did it!!

I have now had over 25 years of healthy happy SLIM living

Food and eating are now in its proper place in my life
-Supporting me
-Nourishing me
-Energizing me

Your journey may be way different from mine.

But I can tell you this.

If you have a lot of weight to lose (like I did)

Or….if you just need to lose those last few pounds in a healthy way.

You CAN do it!

If you suffer from binge eating
or emotional eating
or unhealthy eating
or compulsive overeating….

You CAN be free from it.

You CAN:

  • live your life at a slim healthy weight.
  • have a life where food is not the main event and
    does not control your life.
  • eat lots of healthy DELICIOUS & nutritious whole foods
    and be slim and healthy.
  • learn how to incorporate FUN healthy habits that create
    lasting weight loss.
  • have fun motivating tools that keep YOU engaged in
    healthy living.
  • feel great and be healthy!

So let’s get started!

Click here to get the 12 steps to Healthy Living and Permanent Weight Loss

Yours Truly,
Jana ;)


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