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How a Personal Fitness Tracker Improved My Love Life

bodymedia review

You know I wear a BodyMedia Armband all the time. And now my hubby does too! I have mentioned in previous posts how much more motivated my hubby is to MOVE even MORE now that he has a Bodymedia fit armband. Seriously….he tracks his calorie burn all throughout the day And the result? Using the [...]

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How to Compare the Latest Weight Loss Gadgets – Pedometer vs FitBit vs BodyMedia / Bodybugg

fitbit vs bodymedia bodybugg 1

If you are trying to figure out which is best between the fitbit vs bodymedia vs bodybugg then this article might help you narrow it down. Lately I have been personally wearing the FitBit and the Bodymedia / Bodybugg so I can see exactly what I like best about each of them. Yep I wear [...]

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