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walking and weight loss

Feeling Unmotivated? – Discover One of My Favorite Secrets to Losing Weight

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How often do you struggle with motivation? Daily? Let’s face it, sometimes after a long day at work the couch is pretty comfortable and those potato chips are tasty. I understand the desire to just sit back, relax and skip the workout and the salad for dinner. I’ve been there and I still have days [...]

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All Talk, No Walk, Your Scale is not Budging and…..

how to lose weight walking

Lots of folks WANT to lose weight. But unfortunately quite often the “WANT TO” doesn’t translate into the “DO” The “Talk” doesn’t turn into the “Walk” If all you do is TALK about the weight you want to lose, you will still be overweight and unhealthy a year from now. I know…I know…it can be [...]

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How to Start a Walking for Weight Loss Program

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How do get you started walking to lose weight? If you’re looking to lose some weight…. You DON’T have to join a gym You DON’T have to buy expensive set of home workout DVDs or a piece of home exercise equipment. You DON’T need to go on a pricey diet program that ships all of [...]

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Me and My Pedometer – We are inseparable!

What helps you lose weight and keep it off? Motivation. Find what motivates YOU and then set yourself up for success. It is a well known fact that TRACKING your workouts is very motivating and will keep YOU on track on your health and fitness program. One of my favorite motivators is my pedometer. (I [...]

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Does Walking Help You Lose Weight? Heck Yeah!

benefits of walking for women

Health Benefits of Walking List: Does Walking Help you Lose Weight? Yes! Walking is a great FAT burning exercise The calories burned walking can average around 100 calories burned per mile depending on the individual, speed walked, terrain, etc  So yes! Walking is a great calorie burner Walking to lose weight really works and creates [...]

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How to Lose Weight by Walking – Walking and Weight Loss

How to lose weight by walking…. Here is a great story of a guy who changed his life and lost a lot of weight by walking. I recently read about a guy who was in his early 60s. He went to his doctor for his annual checkup and he was nearly 100 pounds OVERweight. Totally [...]

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