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Start Now – You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Exercise

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You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Exercise Tell me if this sounds familiar. You want to get out and exercise but you don’t like the way you look in women’s fitness clothing. If you’d lose weight, you’d feel more comfortable exercising and wearing shorts, tank tops, yoga pants, and all those other cute women’s [...]

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5 Flat Out Wrong Myths about Walking and Weight Loss

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I’m an easygoing woman and to be honest, very little bothers me. But I have to tell you that my feathers get a bit ruffled when I hear out and out fibs about walking and weight loss. I know walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off because it [...]

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All Talk, No Walk, Your Scale is not Budging and…..

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Lots of folks WANT to lose weight. But unfortunately quite often the “WANT TO” doesn’t translate into the “DO” The “Talk” doesn’t turn into the “Walk” If all you do is TALK about the weight you want to lose, you will still be overweight and unhealthy a year from now. I know…I know…it can be [...]

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