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how to lose weight in a healthy way

From Zero to Cranky in 5 seconds

cranky straight skinny from Jana

Have you been struggling to GET STARTED with getting healthy? Do you think its TOO hard to lose weight or to exercise? Stop right there! Get real with yourself for a moment. Having diet related diabetes….now that’s hard! Sleep Apnea….due to obesity….total bummer! Osteoarthritis pain that’s exacerbated by your weight…that really sucks! Depression or severe [...]

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True Confessions of a former Binge Eater

True Confessions of a former Binge Eater Quite a few years ago *FOOD* was the primary player in my life. Food was the STAR! And I was the supporting player…. I literally arranged my life around -my next snack -my next meal -my next binge…. I started young. I was a very fat and unhealthy [...]

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