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how to get motivated to lose weight

Feeling Unmotivated? – Discover One of My Favorite Secrets to Losing Weight

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How often do you struggle with motivation? Daily? Let’s face it, sometimes after a long day at work the couch is pretty comfortable and those potato chips are tasty. I understand the desire to just sit back, relax and skip the workout and the salad for dinner. I’ve been there and I still have days [...]

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Need Motivation to Lose Weight? 3 Tips to Flex Your Motivation Muscle

Motivation can be difficult to find sometimes, right? This is particularly true when you’re facing a big challenge like losing weight and transforming your life. But just like your buns, abs, and even your brain…. motivation CAN be strengthened. Yes – You can flex your motivation muscle! ;) Here are 3 ideas to encourage and motivate [...]

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