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fitbit review

Feeling Unmotivated? – Discover One of My Favorite Secrets to Losing Weight

eat better and move more with FitBit

How often do you struggle with motivation? Daily? Let’s face it, sometimes after a long day at work the couch is pretty comfortable and those potato chips are tasty. I understand the desire to just sit back, relax and skip the workout and the salad for dinner. I’ve been there and I still have days [...]

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Fitbit vs Bodybugg vs Bodymedia

fitbit vs bodybugg

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I LOVE fitness STUFF. I love anything that keeps me motivated to workout, burn calories, break a sweat. Because lets be honest….working out can get boring at times. The scale may not show pounds lost as fast as we want it [...]

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How to Use the Fitbit for Maximum Results

does fitbit work

Does fitbit work? I get asked a lot about the fitbit because I wear one. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am always wearing one or two fitness trackers because they motivate me to move more. And moving more has been a key to me losing weight and [...]

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Fitbit Review – from a Fitness Gear Fanatic

Fitbit Review Ever since I lost all the weight years ago, I found myself VERY interested in fitness gear that would help me stay motivated to work out. So this gal has usually been the first one in line to try every new fitness gadget that comes out. The fitbit really intrigued me and I [...]

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