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bike for grocery shopping

How to Lose Weight and Get Fit on a Budget You don’t have to spend a fortune to lose weight and get fit! Here are 7 ideas to get your creative juices flowing and your body moving (without breaking the budget). 1.    Walk  (or  jog). It doesn’t cost much. All it takes is a pair [...]

does walking really help you lose weight

Does Walking Really Help You Lose Weight? Many people have a difficult time with the idea that something as simple as walking can help them lose weight. After all, we’ve been taught for decades that losing weight has to be sweaty, painful, and really hard. I’m a huge fan of KISS. Keep it Simple Silly! [...]

bodymedia review

You know I wear a BodyMedia Armband all the time. And now my hubby does too! I have mentioned in previous posts how much more motivated my hubby is to MOVE even MORE now that he has a Bodymedia fit armband. Seriously….he tracks his calorie burn all throughout the day And the result? Using the [...]

how to boost metabolism burn calories fast

12 Fun Ways to Burn Calories Fast Do you think burning calories and losing weight can’t be fun? The truth is that burning calories MUST be fun. If it’s not fun, or at least mildly enjoyable, who would want to do it? There are so many ways to burn calories fast and have fun. Of [...]

body media fit

Body Media Fit Review Update from Jana Everyone needs a little help. And this is particularly true when you’re trying to reach your weight loss goals. As you know I am a fitness gadget girl – I love a good personal fitness tracker! Why? Because they motivate me to Eat Better and Move More! Staying [...]

body media fit review

Okay, let’s face it. There are literally hundreds of fitness and weight loss gadgets on the market today. While some of them aren’t worth the change in your pocket, many of them are pretty darn terrific. However, none of them may offer the weight loss features that the Bodymedia Fit Armband offers. What is The [...]

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