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Need Motivation to Lose Weight? 3 Tips to Flex Your Motivation Muscle

Motivation can be difficult to find sometimes, right?

This is particularly true when you’re facing a big challenge like losing weight and transforming your life.

But just like your buns, abs, and even your brain…. motivation CAN be strengthened. Yes – You can flex your motivation muscle! ;)

Here are 3 ideas to encourage and motivate you:

Focus On YOU First Thing Each Day

 Do you put yourself last? Many people do. They focus on work, family and chores first. By the end of the day there’s very little energy left for exercise or meal planning.

 There’s an easy fix to this problem. Put yourself first. Instead of focusing on everyone else in the morning, focus on yourself. Get your walk in. Plan your meals for the day. Prepare a few snacks.

Yes, you may need to wake up a little earlier each day to make it work. Trust me, it’s worth it.

When you take the time each morning to put yourself first, it alters the rest of your day. You’ll have more energy. You’ll feel better. And you’ll be able to relax, knowing that you have already achieved your day’s fitness goal.

Find Something You Love To Do

 One of the easiest ways to flex your motivation muscle is to find something that you love to do.

 I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “No pain, no gain.” That’s baloney. If it hurts, why on earth would you want to do it? It’s pretty darn difficult to get motivated to do something that hurts or that you hate to do. Why make it harder for yourself?

 Losing weight is about moving your body and eating well. So….find ways to move your body that you enjoy and can look forward to.

For example, dancing, walking, riding your bike, swimming and skating are all low impact ways to move your body and get in shape.

When you love an activity, you won’t need to motivate yourself to do it. You’ll look forward to the activity every day.

 Create a Pattern Of Success

 Finally, don’t bite off too much. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed. That’s not motivating!

 Instead, focus on setting small goals that are achievable.

When you know success is within reach it’s much easier to get motivated to make changes in your health and lifestyle.

 For example, instead of trying to exercise for an hour each day, try to walk for ten minutes. Gradually increase your walking time as you achieve success with each goal. Eventually, you’ll be walking for an hour.

Instead of trying to overhaul your entire diet, try to eat one fruit or vegetable with each meal or snack. Small changes are easier to achieve.

Remember:  It’s easier to flex your motivation muscle when there’s no fear of failure. So start simple and build on each success!

 As you begin to flex your motivation muscle and make small changes to your life, you’ll begin to notice more energy. Your motivation muscle will grow. You’ll be able to eat better and move consistently, every day.

I am cheering you on all the way!  


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