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My 80/20 Rule to Lose Weight & Keep it off

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule)?

It is a very useful principle
used in business that says
20% of the input creates 80% of the result

But we are NOT gonna
discuss that principle today

Instead I’m gonna share…..

MY 80/20 rule for losing weight and keeping it off

It helped me maintain my weight loss and my good humor (!) for over 25+ years!

And it is really simple!!

Jana’s 80/20 rule

80% of the time:

  • eat healthy delicious natural whole-foods
  • do my daily exercise – get my heart beating and my blood pumping!

80% of the time I live a pretty balanced life….

and the other 20% of the time….

I give myself grace

I give myself leeway to have
a “forbidden” food or two

By doing this I never feel deprived and by following MY 80/20 rule

It has helped me
lose all the weight I needed to lose
and keep the weight off for years

I have had a few slip-ups…. but whenever I come back to my 80/20 plan

I get back to my favorite jeans pretty darn quick!

Truth be told…..I feel so great eating better and moving more that it is easy to follow the system even MORE than 80% of the time.  Sometimes I behave myself up to 90% of the time! :)

So go easy on yourself and do NOT expect perfection

I do NOT like ALL or NOTHING plans – they set you up for defeat.


Because the first time you fall off the wagon, you might binge until you start the next day.

I used to do that.

If I screwed up with my “perfect eating” or “new diet healthy eating program” then I would say ‘oh well’ and eat like a little pig until I started my NEXT new program. That behavior caused rollercoaster weight gain and loss. And made me feel awful mentally and physically.

So….. I recommend that you….

Just start making healthy changes (Eat Better and Move More) and do it at least  80% of the time and you will see results!

The best way to begin is by adding healthy delicious whole natural foods
to your daily diet

You won’t feel deprived

You won’t feel like you’re starving

You will feel great

….and the “extra” weight will melt away before you know it!

Go for it!

Jana “the 80/20 gal”
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