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I Miss My Mom

My Mom’s birthday is just around the corner.

The big bummer is that I lost her when I was in my 20′s.

She passed away due to complications from heart surgery related to her obesity and myriad other health issues that were complicated by her being overweight.

I miss my Mom.

And for those of you that have lost a parent, or child, or spouse or dear friend – it is painful, right?

I SO WISH my Mom would have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle so we could have spent more time together.

My mom was FUN!

She could cook like no one else I know. She lit up the room when she entered it. She had a sparkle in her eye that was always full of mischief and she kept all her kids laughing with her stories and songs. Boy, do I miss her!

I just hope that if you read this you this will realize how BADLY your family members want YOU around for years to come.

Please take care of your health.

Please make choices to eat better and move more every day!

  • So you can walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding.
  • So you can watch your beautiful grand-baby take his or her first step
  • So you can be there for the next family picnic
  • So that you can enjoy each sunrise.
  • So that you can fully fulfill your purpose on this planet.
  • So that you can feel joy about life and be able to participate fully in it

Take care and Be There….for YOU and for your loved ones, k?



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