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Kinect Fitness Review – Burn Calories Fast at Home

Home fitness training and exercise routines have stepped up another whole level with the advent of Kinect fitness games.

These days, instead of spending thousands of dollars on gym memberships and personal trainers, for just a few hundred dollars you can have all of this and more in the privacy of your own home.

The Xbox360 Kinect allows users to experience gaming in a completely new way.  The Kinect system contains a sensor that can track users body motions.  It is able to mirror your movements and put both you and your moving body on the screen in front of you.

This kind of technology seems a perfect fit for exercise routines, and there is quite a range of fitness games available now.  The great thing is that there is pretty much a fitness game to suit everyone, from children through to the elderly, and also suited to all fitness levels.

With Kinect Fitness YOU get to choose exactly how to get fit.

A lot of the different kinect games and fitness software have many different exercise routines in the one package.

You can do yoga, tai chi, martial arts, boxing, volleyball, soccer, football, tennis or aerobic routines, just to name a few.  

Some of them include fun games, where the user thinks they are simply playing a game, however, they are actually doing a full workout.

A lot of the Kinect fitness games have been developed with some of the world’s biggest names in the fitness and health industry.  These include people like Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.  Just think how much you would spend personally hiring these people to train you.  It would probably be out of reach for the majority of us.

Kinect fitness games can offer so much more than just training and exercise routines too.

Almost everything you do when using these games is recorded, and your progress is tracked.  This means that you can challenge either yourself, or if you want to go online with your workouts, you can challenge other people all over the world.  This is a great motivation for many people who are trying to lose weight or get fit.

Some of the fitness games also include diet planning and goal planning.  These are also important aspects of getting slim, eating right and then maintaining that healthy lifestyle.

Another reason why some people stop their fitness regimes, is because they can easily become bored with the same old routines.  Fitness games, such as the ones for Kinect, can literally have hundreds of different routines, with added available downloads should you eventually work through all of the original routines provided with the software.

Kinect fitness games are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they can offer so much to the user.  The options for personalization really make them a top choice in home fitness.

Fitness Games For Kinect

You know how I say over and over how important exercise is along with a good diet to remain healthy or when trying to lose weight.

But many of us aren’t really up for joining their local gym and would rather be able to perform exercises in the comfort of their own home. Well this is now possible through using the many different fitness games for Kinect if you already own one.

And if you don’t have an XBox 360 Kinect – this is the perfect excuse to get one. (In fact, our family never owned one UNTIL the Kinect fitness games came out!)

Every single one of the fitness games we look at below for use with the Xbox 360 Kinect are designed to help get us off our couches and become a little more active.

So what sorts of fitness games for Kinect are now available?

Your Shape Fitness Evolved Review

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 is the new sequel to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, the #1 fitness game on Kinect.

This game is designed to ensure that you carry out exercises to provide you with a complete body workout.  As the Kinect technology is able to track over 50,000 points on your body so you will find that it enables to make the movements much more precisely.

Your Shape includes over 90 hours of activities, so you can design a workout tailored to your fitness level, goals, schedule and preferences.

You can focus your workouts on specific muscle groups. And choose from fitness activities like Boot Camp, Cardio Boxing, Jump Rope and Yoga, and new dance classes like Latin, Hip-hop, African and Bollywood.

Your Shape Fitness 2012 exercises include…

* Boot Camp
* Cardio Boxing
* Jump Rope
* Latin Dance
* Hip-hop Dance
* African Dance
* Bollywood Dance
* Zen
* Yoga
* Muscle specific – Abs, Arms, Legs, Glutes, Back
* Wall Breaker
* Stack ‘em Up
* Kick ‘em
* Run the World
* Sports Preparation
Before you begin using this program you will need to answer a number of questions and also allow the Kinect to perform a full body scan.

Once this has been done then you will find that with this particular game a workout program will be created that is tailored to your specifications – which is really cool!

That way you are assured of getting the best possible workouts every time you choose to use the Your Shape Fitness Evolved game for Kinect.

Now….if you like to dance…..

Zumba Fitness Kinect Review

In recent years the number of Zumba fitness classes available at your local gym or health center have exploded.

However if you would prefer to learn how to perform this particular form of exercise alone in the comfort of your living room…then of course this is the game for the Kinect you should be considering purchasing.

If you love to dance and want to get fit, then the Zumba Fitness Kinect game, might be the perfect choice for you.

Zumba is how to get fit by latino dancing craze that has been sweeping the world for a few years now.  You can join Zumba classes at your local gym, buy full Zumba DVD training systems or you can spend a lot less and buy Zumba for Xbox Kinect.

The Zumba fitness system seems like a perfect choice for the Kinect.  It gives the user the freedom to dance around in front of the television without having to wear or hold onto controllers, which is required for the Wii version of Zumba.  Some users in fact have used both versions and Zumba for Kinect appears to be the winner in this scenario.

For anyone thinking of joining the Zumba craze, it does take some time to learn the dance moves and steps.  It is important to go through the tutorial lessons thoroughly before you go onto the dance routines.  If you just go straight to the dance workout routines, you may quickly become discouraged because you will not be able to keep up with the Zumba dance instructor.

With this game you can learn nine different dance routines.  Plus as your skill levels improve you are provided with the opportunity to move up to different levels from Beginner through to Intermediate and of course then on to more advance routines.

Zumba provides a great cardio workout.  The routines are 20 minutes long.  If you want to exercise for longer than that, it is easy to go straight onto another workout to maintain your workout.  A lot of users agree that the workouts are energizing and provide a solid cardio workout.

It is possible for two or more people to play at once too.  For the two player option, you can either dance together, or compete against each other.  Zumba is a great way to make the workout fun.

The game will score you on your dance workout, then give you a ranking.  You can challenge yourself to get better and see yourself move up the rankings.  This is also great for motivation when you are trying to increase your fitness levels and lose weight.

Some Zumba Kinect users have experienced problems with body tracking.  One way to overcome this is to ensure that you are dancing in the optimal tracking spot.  It may take a bit of moving back and forwards in front of the screen to find the best point for tracking, but it will be worth it.

Overall, the Kinect Zumba fitness game is a fun way to get fit.  For those who love the latin style of music and dancing, it is a great addition to any exercise routine.  Not only that, it might give you some new dance moves to show off next time you go out on the town.

And Please Note: For those who have never attempted this type of fitness program before you are also provided with step by step tutorials to ensure that you carry out each of the dance moves involved correctly.

Kinect Biggest Loser – Personal Trainer In A Box

As I mentioned earlier…when it comes to getting fit many out of shape or overweight people are turned off by the thought of going to the gym.  I sure was…you could NEVER have found me in the gym when I was 70 pounds heavier. I was too embarrassed.

The Kinect Biggest Loser fitness game that is proving extremely popular with many people.

Immediately after loading this game onto your Xbox as with all Kinect games it uses a facial recognition function in order to search for data that you may have saved previously.

However if you are using this particular fitness program for the first time then before you can begin exercising you need to create a short video diary first.    It is one of the cleverest ways that helps to welcome you in to using it.

Then after creating your diary instead of you actually seeing a video of yourself on the TV screen in front of you what this particular game does is shows a very rudimentary 3D model of your body instead.   Although it is rudimentary it is still quite accurate and detects all your bumps and bulges so helping to motivate you more to stick with this program so that they can be eliminated.

When it comes to actually performing the exercises in the Bigger Loser Kinect it simply is a case of you following the movements being made by the trainer on the screen.   Although you can see your 3D image to see how you are getting along there are other things available to provide you with feedback.   Below your model is a bar showing the speed you are working at and the aim with this is to make sure that you stay in the green at all times.   Furthermore you are regularly going to see text messages appearing on the screen asking you to make adjustments to your exercises such as raising your legs higher.

Of course you still want to be given feedback that you are performing the exercises well.  The way that this is done when it comes to the  Biggest Loser Kinect is by changing the color of your 3D model.  If you are doing the exercises correctly then your model will turn green, however if you aren’t doing it correctly or you aren’t keeping up with the pace then your model will turn yellow or red.

Best Kinect Fitness Game ?

These are just a couple of the fitness games for Kinect that you can purchase today.

Which one is the best kinect fitness game?

It’s the one that YOU enjoy and ultimately DO.

You CAN have a blast burning calories fast!

Find the kinect game that fits your personality and preference and go for it!

Certainly if you are someone who hasn’t exercised regularly for some time starting out with these would be a good idea.

Of course then as your fitness levels improve you can then move on to using more advance fitness programs such as Push the Limit (learn gold medal swim strokes swimming) which has been endorsed by Michael Phelps or UFC Trainer which blends 70 mixed martial arts exercises in over 50 routines!

In fact when you look at the many choices of Kinect  fitness games available – you are sure to find one that suits your needs and which you will enjoy doing.

If you are at all concerned that the technology used to help monitor your movements isn’t as effective as you would hope, don’t be.   You will find that that the Kinect XBox is one of the most responsive systems of all available when it comes to games consoles.

However when using such equipment to perform the various Kinect Biggest Loser exercises make sure that you have plenty of space to perform them in.  So make sure that before you start each session that you remove furniture and other items out of the way so you have plenty of room to burn calories fast and have fun doing it!

If you’re looking for help to lose weight and see EXACTLY how many calories you burn with each Kinect Fitness Game, the Bodymedia FIT armbands are at the top of the list. Click Here to learn more about why the Bodymedia is endorsed by Jillian Michaels and is on my list of top fitness gadgets for 2011 and 2012!

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