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Cravings Monsters

3 Simple Tips to Stop Food Cravings

Those darn cravings!

We all deal with them from time to time.

When do YOU struggle with food cravings?

My cravings always seem to hit late at night.

You know, when you’re watching television and
suddenly something salty, or sweet, feels
like an absolute necessity.

Especially when my husband is eating is NIGHTLY bowl of Ice Cream! Ugh!!

Maybe yours hit earlier in the day or maybe they’re not predictable.

What do you do when the cravings hit?

Do you give in?

Do you hit the vending machine, drive through or
secret snack stash and feed that craving?

Or are you strong enough
to ignore them?

I used to stand in front of the refrigerator trying to find something, anything…that would satisfy my cravings and not obliterate my healthy eating plan

A few times I even got into my car and drove to
the grocery store or yikes, the 24 hour donut shop,
to feed my cravings.

It took a while but I eventually learned
a few simple tips to
combat these powerful cravings.

In fact, learning these strategies
helped me lose weight much more
quickly and I just felt better

I slept better and I looked healthier -
junk food isn’t good for the complexion.

So what did I do?


Barring a desperate trip to the grocery store
you CAN avoid temptation.

Don’t buy ANY junk food or food you know
is going to tempt you when the cravings hit.

Don’t walk past that horrid vending machine.

And don’t drive past your favorite fast
food restaurant.


Pay attention to what you crave and when.

Once you know your weaknesses you can manage them with

For example, I craved sweets at night. Rather than
deny myself anything I substituted yogurt and berries
OR a frozen banana smoothie with berries on top
(try it, it’s really good.)

When I craved salt, I’d have a few rice crackers
and cheese or munch on some celery.

There really are healthy alternatives
that can satisfy your cravings.


Often cravings are based in habits and
emotional needs.

For example, if you always have a candy bar
between lunch and dinner you’re going to crave it.

Distract yourself from the craving by doing something positive.

Go for a walk instead.

Call a friend or work on a project you enjoy.

Cravings happen.

They’re often caused by low blood sugar, habits
and emotional eating.

Spend some time assessing when and why you
have cravings and use these strategies to combat them successfully.

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