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How to Stop Emotional Eating – 3 Emotional Eating Solutions

There are many causes for weight gain. Some of those causes are:  a slow metabolism, genetics, and simple overeating.

However, one cause of weight gain that is often not discussed much is emotional eating.

Do you eat when you are:
* Bored?
* Angry?
* Frustrated?
* Sad?
* Lonely?
* Stressed?
* Overwhelmed?
* Anxious?

This is how I gained most of my weight – I was a big time emotional eater. It’s pretty common.

Many people, sometimes eat foods to feel better.

We eat without thinking.

Maybe you’re like me and you eat when you’re trying to avoid doing something else. Heck, it’s a lot more fun to eat than work on a project that’s already overdue, right?

However all of this emotional eating can really add up.

One stressful or sad month can add several pounds to your waistline. And if you’re trying to lose weight an emotional day can sabotage your efforts.

Not to worry! Here are 3 tips for:

How to stop emotional eating

#1 Always ask yourself if you’re hungry before you eat.

If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.

#2 Create a new habit.

Instead of eating when you’re feeling emotional, do something that makes you feel good.

Take a bath.

Take a walk.




Read a book or call a friend.

Do whatever makes you feel good.

Do whatever will take you AWAY from the food that might be calling your name…  Movement of some sort almost always makes me feel BETTER. A walk. Some yoga stretches. An exercise dvd.

#3 Journal

When you’re feeling emotional, instead of feeding the emotions get them out of your mind and body.

Write them down or express them somehow. You’ll feel better and you won’t gain weight.

Journaling may sound like a chore for some of us – it did for me – at first. But WOW did I get some insights when I journaled.

One time I journaled AFTER a particularly HUGE binge – and I wrote exactly how my body felt after eating all that food.

The more I wrote I more I could plainly see how eating all that food did NOT solve the problem. In fact eating all that food had made it worse. I just wrote and wrote that night with a sick tummy ache from binging. And the next day when I read what I had written it was so helpful and reminded how much worse I feel when I use food to solve a problem that food is not meant to solve!

Try to begin to understand when you eat and why.

Food is pleasurable and it serves an important role in our lives.

However, it doesn’t have to rule your life and your emotions don’t need to sabotage your diet.

You can learn how to stop emotional eating and get on with LIVING!

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