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How to Lose Weight by Walking – Walking and Weight Loss

How to lose weight by walking….

Here is a great story of a guy who changed his life and lost a lot of weight by walking.

I recently read about a guy who was in his early 60s.

He went to his doctor for his annual checkup and he was nearly 100 pounds OVERweight.

Totally unhealthy. Big time health issues. A heart attack waiting to happen.

His doctor told him if he did not change his lifestyle habits he might not live much longer.

At the end of the check up the doctor gave him some good advice about how to improve his health and said – “I hope to see you in a year” –  and wondered to himself if the guy would live long enough to be back in his office ever again.

Well….the unhealthy guy decided to make a change and it was NOT easy.

He decided to start walking.

The first day he barely made it half a mile and he was exhausted and worn out. And SORE. It was HARD.

But you know what?

He got up the next day and walked a little farther than the day before.

Before too long – a month or so he was walking 5 miles a day. Not speed walking. Not power walking. Just walking.

Consistently, every day, he was a-walking.

And after a year he was still walking.

He lost almost 70 of his extra pounds and he went back for his annual doctor check-up and his doctor was ecstatic. Just by walking every day he had totally turned his health around.

And to this day – this man keeps walking his 5-6 miles each day and his health is fantastic.

Just so you know…5 miles per day is about 10,000 steps on a pedometer or fitbit trainer (which we have heard for years is a good goal to shoot for daily)

I bet most of you are not 100 pounds overweight. You may already be in really good health. Maybe you already work out. I don’t know.

All I know is that walking not only improves your physical health – it improves your mental outlook too.

Walking is the best longevity exercise that I know of.

The fit bit trainer helps me stay motivated to walk a LOT – learn more about it here

Share your walking stories or questions in the comment section

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