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How to Get Started Exercising

I have no doubt that you know the amazing power of exercise.

  • It promotes better health.
  • It prevents disease
  • And of course it helps you lose weight much faster. Yay! (My favorite!) :)

However, if you’re like many (including me at one time) then exercise is a four letter word.

  • It’s inconvenient
  • It’s painful
  • And it’s hard – sometimes it is really hard.

I discovered something that eliminated all of these obstacles. It actually helped me lose over 70 pounds.

What was the secret?

No secret really, I just started small.

I’m talking about REALLY small. Like ten minutes a day. (Actually, to be honest I think the first few days I exercised I literally committed to only five minutes.)

Here’s Why Starting Small Helps You Get Started Exercising

#1 It makes exercise manageable.

You know with 100% certainty that you can exercise for five or ten minutes. You can exercise for five minutes each day for a week. The next week you know that you accomplished your goal and will likely feel comfortable adding a few minutes to your workout. Each week you can add more time to your workout until you’re working out every day for twenty, thirty, forty or even sixty minutes.

#2 It helps you create a habit.

One of the challenges to exercising is that you’re adding a new element to your daily routine. Sometimes it feels like there’s no room for it. You live a busy life, right?

When you start small you can ease into the habit. Instead of trying to find an hour of time each day, you know you can find five or ten minutes. As you become accustomed to exercising and you gradually increase your time you’ll find it’s easier to make room for those additional minutes.

#3 It makes it less painful.

When you jump on the treadmill the very first day and try to work out for an hour – it’s probably going to hurt. It’s going to be uncomfortable. And you’ll want to quit.

However, when you start small you won’t feel the same degree of discomfort. You can ease your body into exercising.

Starting small is powerful.

You’ll notice the gradual change in your body, health, energy and weight. And best of all you’ll do it at a pace that fits your needs, lifestyle and goals.

Starting with small goals helped me reach bigger goals like losing over 70 pounds and keeping it off for good!

Get started today and give yourself a small goal. Reach that small goal, pat yourself on the back, and then make another goal! You CAN do it!

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To Your Great Health!


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