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How to Eat Better when your Family does NOT

Are you trying to learn how to eat better while living with folks who don’t share your same interest?

Trying to eat healthy when your spouse, your kids, your roommates, etc do not want to change their diets can really be challenging.

My email is full of folks struggling with this issue and you know what? I struggle with this too! :(

Check this out….this is a picture of all the ice cream in our freezer…

My husband loves to indulge in ice cream, chips and other “less-healthy” foods and that can be SO tempting especially at night when I am tired from a long work day and my defenses are down.

Do you live with someone who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight?

I call my husband a “metabolic marvel” because he can eat so much and his metabolism burns calories much more efficiently than mine!

My husband eats pretty healthy overall but he does indulge daily in lots of high calorie things I cannot eat (or I would gain LOTS of weight) – but when he eats the way he does….he stays healthy, slim and trim.

It is SO not fair!

He eats ice cream every day – sometimes after lunch and always after dinner!

If you have not already guessed – I LOVE ice cream.

In my former overweight and obese days, I ate A LOT of ice cream.

But I can’t eat a lot of ice cream and stay healthy so I have had to make some changes in what dessert looks like for ME.

What do I do when my husband prepares his nightly bowl of ice cream?

I have a few “go – to” dessert recipes that I can make real quick….and that way I can enjoy something sweet and NOT feel deprived when my spouse is digging into his treat.

I make fruit sorbets. I whip them up in my blender. I grab fresh or frozen fruit and blend it really well – add a little organic agave nectar and in minutes I have a refreshing yummy low calorie dessert. Usually under 200 calories for a good sized bowl

Or my latest yummy treat is I take

1 large ripe banana (or 2 cups of another favorite fruit like strawberries or mangos or pineapple)

plus 1 scoop of my favorite yummy vegan protein powder and blend them up and I have healthy ice cream! It tastes SO GOOD and it is less than 200 calories. Plus the protein powder helps me feel more satisfied through the rest of the evening!

Do you ever get tempted by family or spouses or friends that don’t eat quite as healthy as you? What do you do? Please share in the comment section.



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