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How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking?

So you decided you want to start walking to lose weight?

Or maybe you heard that you really can lose weight walking and you might be thinking….”Hey -  I know how to walk! I can do THAT kind of exercise!”

But where do you begin?

How many calories do you burn walking?

And what is the best beginning walking workout for you?

I walk a lot. Every day. And I love it!

Walking is fun.

Walking makes you feel good.

Walking burns a LOT of calories!

And the health benefits and weight loss from walking can’t be beat!

It helped me lose over 70 pounds and walking has helped me maintain that weight loss for over 25 years.

So if you are ready to get off the couch, here is what I recommend.

This beginning walking workout is not only a huge calorie burner but it is also fun and easy!

Even if you think you are totally clumsy, YOU can do this workout.  BTW…I AM a klutz – and even I can do this workout.

NO fancy steps – no tricky stuff to follow, this video has simple walking moves that amp up your calorie burn like crazy.

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This video is cheap too – less than $10 if you order it here. It is the lowest price I have found for such a fun and easy to do beginning walking workout video!

The cool thing about this walking workout is that you can keep using it even when you are not a beginner anymore. So it grows with you as you lose weight and get more fit.

In fact, I still use this workout several times a week – especially during the winter when it is SO cold outside!

This workout teaches you how to walk as a beginner and then as you get more fit you can tailor the walking workout to keep helping you burn more calories.

It is fun for the whole family too. My husband and I do this indoor walking workout together.

How many calories can YOU burn from this beginning walking workout?

My hubby and I wear a Bodymedia Fit armband every day to track our calorie burn.

Yesterday for this workout I burned 569 calories doing this video (as you could see in the picture at the top of the page)

And my hubby (the metabolic marvel who burns calories like crazy – like so many men do!) he burned almost 700 calories in the same amount of time. Pretty cool!

We burned so many calories just from walking!

This video teaches you how to power walk.  And how to do interval training while walking.

And if you read my blog you know that interval training is a great way to intensify your workouts and burn more calories and get fit!

So if you are looking for the best beginning walking workout – one where you can start at any level (total beginner, intermediate or even advanced power walker)  and then when you get stronger you can do more…then this walking workout is perfect for you!

So….get this Beginning Walking Workout video by clicking here  and then track your calories with this personal fitness tracker, the Bodymedia Fit Armband and find out exactly “How Many Calories do YOU Burn Walking?”

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