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How a Personal Fitness Tracker Improved My Love Life

You know I wear a BodyMedia Armband all the time. And now my hubby does too!

I have mentioned in previous posts how much more motivated my hubby is to MOVE even MORE now that he has a Bodymedia fit armband.

Seriously….he tracks his calorie burn all throughout the day

And the result?

Using the BodyMedia Personal Fitness tracker gets him moving a LOT more because he can’t wait to see how many MORE calories he has burned at the end of each day.

His antics to bounce around and move….well they can be pretty hilarious.

But if you think about it – that is what kids do, right?

Kids are always in motion.

They are making games out of every thing.

They laugh.

They play.

And  hmmm….they don’t worry about dieting. Or fat.

Kids just integrate exercise into everything they do…without even thinking about it.

Well…that would be my husband now that he has his own BodyMedia armband.

And his good humor and silly “exercise” antics have made me smile and helped me lighten up too.

The friendly competition between us gets me moving even MORE!

It may sound funny, but using this personal fitness tracker has made us an even happier couple.

We have always cared a lot about each other, but as we watch our parents aging – we know that we want to grow old gracefully and with strength and fitness. We want to take care of our health so that we are there for each other as we grow older.

And being fit, makes you feel good…and when you feel good, well that can lead to hot dates with my hubby!

I get SO MANY emails from readers who want to know “How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight or Exercise?”

And I will say this over and over again until you all hear me.

A personal fitness tracker CAN motivate you to move more.

And moving more burns more calories.

And beside the fact that moving more helps you lose weight….moving more gives you BETTER HEALTH.

And better health needs to be the focus of the rest of your life.

Aging is not for wimps!

You need to be as strong as you can to face each new challenge.

So you can be there for your family. And so you can be there for YOURSELF.


If you are struggling to STAY motivated to exercise and get healthy in 2012, I will say it again (like I have said so many times before) a personal fitness tracker like the BodyMedia Armband or a FitBit will help you stay on track, burn lots of calories and lose the weight.

So….if you have been on the fence about the BodyMedia Fit Armband…NOW is the time to get one.

And if you really want to make it a family affair get one for your hubby too.

It has made my relationship even stronger with my husband.

We spend more time together.

We have DAILY friendly fitness competitions.

We encourage each other to keep moving

We support each other to eat better at meals.

We workout together all the time.

And we are constantly egging each other on to move more and get more fit because of this wonderful little weight loss gadget.

Go for it!


Have Fun!

And burn calories fast doing it!

I will be cheering you on all the way!

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