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Hidden Benefits of Walking – 3 Benefits of Walking You May Not Know

There are many  benefits of walking for weight loss.

  • Unlike the latest dance fitness craze you won’t need to learn complicated new steps – you already know how to walk.
  • And you won’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new equipment or workout gear – a pair of comfortable supportive walking shoes, along with clothing suitable for the season and weather, are enough.
  • And, of course, losing weight with walking will help you live a happier and healthier life.

But did you know that there are hidden benefits of walking that make a walking for weight loss program even better?

Social Benefits.

One of the hidden benefits of walking routines are that it can give you more opportunities to connect or reconnect with friends and family.

At work – If you work outside of the home, you might want to consider  changing up your lunch break.  If your usual schedule is to eat lunch at your desk or break room (after sitting at your desk working all morning!)

Instead of MORE sitting…. find a couple of coworkers and spend 20 or 30 minutes walking outside of your office. You will be refreshed and feel better throughout the rest of your work day.

You may find that once you’re out of the office setting and walking, you can establish better working relationships with your co-workers.

At home after dinner, rather than allow the family to retire directly to the sofa in front of the TV, spend 10 or 15 minutes and take a walk around the block. Some family members may initially complain, but the walk will be a great way to bring everyone closer to one another.


Relaxation Benefits.

If you spend some or all of your walking time by yourself, you might find that walking can be almost meditative. The walks outside don’t have to be anywhere special for you to appreciate nature and the outdoors.

Simply being outside, feeling the sun on your face and breathing the fresh air (or even appreciating the brisk air during winter months) can do wonders for your mood and outlook.



Reduce Back and Knee Pain.

Even if we were only to focus on the physical benefits of walking for weight loss, there are some that might not be immediately apparent.

For example, over time your walking program can reduce any back or knee pain you’re dealing with.

There are two main reasons that walking reduces back pain and knee pain:

First, you’ll be losing weight, so there will be less stress on those parts of your body.

Second, the simple act of getting up out of your chair and moving your body is one of the best things you can do. It improves circulation of your blood and other important fluids that keep your joints lubricated and moving more easily.

I have been the victim of several very severe car accidents and the resulting injuries have left me with chronic pain in my neck and back. I usually start my daily walk with lots of pain in my neck and back….and by the end of the walk my pain has been reduced greatly.  The reduction of pain is one of my FAVORITE hidden benefits of walking because I experience the relief that comes from walking with every walk I take.

There is an ever accumulating body of evidence suggesting that the more time a person spends sitting down, the more long term health problems they’re likely to have.

So what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t started a weight loss walking program for yourself,  don’t waste another day!

Get up and out of your chair and walk somewhere – anywhere – to start developing this very beneficial health habit.

Not sure how to get started? Click Here and start enjoying all the benefits of walking!

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