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Fitbit Review – from a Fitness Gear Fanatic

Fitbit Review

Ever since I lost all the weight years ago, I found myself VERY interested in fitness gear that would help me stay motivated to work out.

So this gal has usually been the first one in line to try every new fitness gadget that comes out.

The fitbit really intrigued me and I had to try it.

I wear a pedometer every day but the fitbit promised to do much more than my pedometer.

When I purchased my fitbit I was amazed at how small it is – it is sleek and very flat and very light. No matter where I attach it on my clothes it doesn’t bug me and I don’t bump into it throughout the day. 

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You can wear the fitbit tracker in lots of places -on your waistband, attached to your belt, or in your pocket. For thicker clothes they give you a belt clip attachment included in your fitbit kit in case you need it (although I have not needed to use it yet – it is a nice additional feature).

What is really cool is that because the fitbit is SO small – us women can attach the fitbit to the center of our bras. That comes in so handy!

The fitbit is a WIRELESS pedometer but it does so much more than just track your steps.

On the fit bit device it gives you a running total throughout your day:

  • displaying your steps
  • your calorie burn
  • your mileage

So far that sounds like what a pedometer does, right?

But the fitbit does WAY MORE than a pedometer….

It also has this really neat “recent activity level” read-out that shows a flower that grows taller and taller depending on how active you have been RECENTLY. So after a good long walk or hike or aerobic workout the flower is much taller.

This little feature motivates me to get that flower TALL as often as possible throughout the day. The taller the flower the more active it shows that I have been.

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What else does the fitbit tracker do?

It records your sleep!

Getting enough restful sleep is SO important to losing weight and to having good overall health. And the fitbit has a way of recording how much sleep you get each night and how often you wake up or get up (to use the restroom or get a glass of water).

And every time you come in close range to your base or walk by your computer it relays all kinds of data to your account on fitbit. Then you go online to your private fitbit tracker dashboard and you see a really cool historical display of your activity level, your sleep, your calories burned and more. Plus there is a handy place to enter your food consumption so you can track your caloric intake (food).

There is also a wonderful online community where you can ask questions and meet other folks who are getting fit or losing weight using the fitbit system.

The fitbit battery gets charged on a little base station you connect to your computer. The charge lasts for a long time – on mine maybe 8-9 days.

So far I am seeing that a fitbit can give you a LOT more fitness feedback then my old trusty pedometer.

And although I still use my pedometer to track individual fitness hikes – I am finding that I wear my fitbit EVERY day and I like seeing my entire 24 hour body clock (activity awake AND asleep).

I had NO IDEA what my sleep was like until I got the fitbit. It has been very enlightening to see just how much restful sleep I get each night.

The fitbit is really MOTIVATING me to stay active and that is what you want. You want fitness gear that encourages you to move MORE and the fitbit does that for me and for so many other folks.

I will report back with more updates on this fitbit review but so far I really like it and I recommend it.

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Do you have a fitbit? What do you think of it? Please share your comments.

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