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Feeling Unmotivated? – Discover One of My Favorite Secrets to Losing Weight

How often do you struggle with motivation? Daily?

Let’s face it, sometimes after a long day at work the couch is pretty comfortable and those potato chips are tasty.

I understand the desire to just sit back, relax and skip the workout and the salad for dinner. I’ve been there and I still have days that challenge me.

But I have a secret that works every single time. It motivates me and it can motivate you too.

It’s the personal fitness tracker.

There are many top quality personal fitness trackers.

My two favorites are the FitBit and the Bodymedia Fit (used by Biggest Loser contestants).

It is alittle device that you can wear on your wrist or in your pocket or on your belt.

Personal fitness trackers will track everything you need to get and stay motivated.

Your tracker will tell you:

  • How many calories you’ve burned
  • How many steps you’ve taken
  • How well you sleep at night
  • How many calories you have consumed
  • How many calories you have left to meet your daily calorie goal

Open your mind and imagine the possibilities…

Imagine this. Imagine going about your normal day. You’re eating well and you’re moving your body.

One glance at the device you’re wearing and you can see how many calories you’ve eaten and how many you’ve burned.

You know that if you burn 500 calories more than you eat, that you’re on track to lose one pound a week.

Looking down you see that you’ve burned 250 more calories than you’ve eaten. You have 250 calories to go. Easy, right? You head out for a quick 30 minute walk and you’ve met your goal for the day.

Personal Fitness Trackers Motivate Because…

They motivate because they provide you with a quick source of the vital information you need.

There’s no guesswork. You know exactly where you stand.

It gives you the power to take immediate action to reach your goal. Let’s say you want to eat a cupcake and you know it has 300 calories. You can look at your fitness tracker and see if you’re on track to achieve your daily goal. If not, no cupcake. Or you can eat the cupcake and power walk an extra 30 minutes today.

Knowledge is power! It’s also incredibly motivating.

A personal fitness tracker puts you in control of your day. If you’re competitive you can also use the online community features that come with many personal fitness trackers. You can join the forum and connect with others who are also striving to transform their lives and lose weight. Get motivated by others. You can post your daily stats and strive to beat your record. You can also compete with others in the forum.

Personal fitness trackers tap into a number of motivation triggers. Competition, connection and community, and of course they give you the information you need to reach your goals.

If you’re struggling to find motivation, give a personal fitness tracker a try. It just might be the secret you’ve been searching for.

Get started today by checking out the two bestselling fitness trackers (and my personal favorites!)

The FitBit and the Bodymedia Fit (used by Biggest Loser contestants).

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