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How to lose weight and keep it off

If you want to lose weight and keep it off…..

Motivation is the KEY to staying on track.

If you buy only ONE thing to keep you on track to losing weight and keeping it off….Get a

Personal Fitness Tracker


If you read my website you know I write constantly about the BodyMedia Fit (aka BodyBugg) – pictured at left.

I wear this personal fitness tracker  24/7 and the BodyMedia Fit gives me the accurate answer to  “how many calories do I burn?” each day – no matter what workout or activity I do.

If you only buy ONE thing to help you stay motivated to lose weight – this is it!

The BodyMedia Fit tells you:

  • how many calories you have burned
  • how many steps you have taken
  • how hard you have worked out (it tracks your moderate activity AND your vigorous activity – this tracker CAN tell the difference!)
  • how well you sleep at night (sleep is SO important to weight loss and weight maintenance)
  • how many calories you have consumed (you enter what you eat on a really easy online screen)
  • and so much more I can’t write it all here – go here to get ALL the facts on the BodyMedia Fit

Basically, the bodymedia fit shows you exactly how to lose weight and keeps you “honest” about your calorie intake vs. calorie burn.

 Click Here to learn more about the BodyMedia Fit

 Pedometers / Accelerometers

If you are just not into wearing an armband like the BodyMedia Fit above….then at the very least you need to be wearing a FitBit.

The fitbit won’t track EVERY movement you make like the BodyMedia does, but if you mainly just want to track your daily steps then the fitbit is perfect for you. And it does SO much more than just track steps – it tracks your sleep too!

If you are not sure if you should get a fitbit vs bodymedia (bodybugg) than read this post where I help you figure out which weight loss gadget is best for your situation and your weight loss goal.

This is where to buy fitbit > Click Here

A fitbit is actually BETTER than a pedometer – it tracks ALL your movement – not just steps.

But if money is tight, this is a great Pedometer it just does not have as much feedback (bells /whistles) as the fitbit ultra- Click Here for a basic low cost QUALITY pedometer


You know I love to go outside and walk / hike / raft / shoot hoops / etc…

But I workout inside too!  And DVDs and Fitness Games are a great way to workout inside.

My Favorite DVDs

Ellen Barrett’s DVDs are great for all the areas that I focus on – Flexibility / Stretch / Strength. I have been doing Ellen’s workouts since she was with Crunch Fitness.

You work out in bare feet so you don’t even need any fancy expensive aerobic shoes. You just need a yoga mat.

Ellen leads the most fun and  fabulous workouts. I can’t recommend Ellen Barrett’s DVDs enough – I have been working out at home for over 25 years and her videos are still my faves every time.

Ellen Barrett

If you have to start with just one of her DVDs…. I recommend her newest ones – Grace and Gusto or Power Fusion!

You will get addicted though and later want EVERY one!

Ellen’s workouts are amazing. She is so pleasant and her cue-ing is perfect!

I always get a tremendous workout when I do an Ellen Barrett DVD. My CORE is stronger, leaner and fitter than any other workout I have EVER done. My body feels long and lean and I actually feel graceful!

What gets me every time is how GOOD I feel while doing her workouts – it is the oddest thing. And how do I feel when I am done? Serene and strong.

This is the perfect workout system for every one. I wish I would have found her when I was in my 20s….but I think she was in grade school back then! :)

My favorite Ellen Barrett Workouts (in order)

Grace and Gusto

Power Fusion

Slim Sculpt

Fat Burning Fusion

Yogini Workout

Skinny Sculpt with Ellen Barrett

Fusion Flow with Ellen Barrett


My Favorite Cookbooks


Cooking Gadgets and Helps

Misto – I use this for lightly spraying olive oil on my food and on my saute pans when I do a light stir fry. Click Here to watch a video to see how it works!






Helpful Health Books

China Study

Eating Animals


Coming Soon……

Workout Gear




Fitness Gadgets I love!

A great help to lose weight if you are struggling is lipotropic injections

Please note: I am always doing updates to this page so check back often! :)

So now you know a few of MY favorite things that will help YOU be

  • slim
  • healthy
  • motivated
  • and have FUN too! :)