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Eating Out on a Diet – 3 Diet Tips for Eating Out

When you’re losing weight one
of the biggest challenges
you’re likely to face is eating out on a diet.

If you ask my advice – AVOID restaurants altogether!

At least at first.

If restaurants are a big calorie buster for you…don’t put yourself in temptation’s grasp until you have a plan for eating healthy at a restaurant.

I had to stay OUT of restaurants when I first started losing weight.


Because I didn’t have a plan before hand…and without a plan…I ALWAYS ate way too many calories.

Restaurant food is notorious for being packed with salty, fatty calories.

Sure it tastes great…. but you can consume ALL of your day’s calories in one meal! That sucks! I enjoy eating way too much to only get to eat ONCE a day! ;)

Here are 3 tips to help
you balance eating out and staying true
to your weight loss goals.

Be prepared!

Have a plan when you are eating out on a diet so you can leave the restaurant feeling great….instead of feeling guilt! And bloat! And frustration!

#1 Know What’s On the Menu Before You Go

Before you head out to your favorite restaurant
know what they have on the menu.

Many restaurant websites
list both the menu and the nutritional
information online.

That way when you get to the
restaurant you will already
have a plan and know what you
will order.

#2 Watch for Sneaky Foods

You’d think that a salad at your
favorite restaurant would be the
item to order, right?

Salads are healthy.

However many restaurant salads
have as much or more calories and
fat than other entrees.

This is because they’re packed with
sneaky extras like cheese, creamy salad
dressing and marinated meats.

#3 Control Portion Size

One of the reasons restaurant food
is so dangerous is because of
the portion size.

They generally give you
two to three times the amount of food
you should be eating.

And once it is on your plate….it tends to end up in your mouth…and then on your hips….

For example, a 12 ounce steak is three times a healthy serving.

Consider ordering from the lunch menu which
generally has smaller portions.

Or order appetizers instead.
But take care that the appetizers aren’t fried or
cheese stuffed, though!

Finally, cut yourself a little slack.

You can watch what you eat throughout
the day or workout a few minutes longer
so you have a little wiggle room
when you go out to eat.

And last but not least…. try not to drink your calories! ;)
Beer, wine and mixed drinks can really add up.

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