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Ever Feel Like it is TOO COLD to Exercise Outside?

Woke up to a beautiful C-O-L-D morning!

It was about 23 degrees Fahrenheit when I walked out to get the newspaper!

After church my hubby was raring to go for a hike…but I was dragging my heels a bit because it felt so cold outside. Even though it had warmed up to the 30′s by then!

However, once I got out there, I stayed warm and most importantly I was blown away by the beauty of God’s creation PLUS we saw 2 deer!

Here is a goofy video we made!

We are still learning how to use the camera so NO, there was no earthquake at the beginning — it just looks like it because the video is so shaky.

Here is a picture of the  beautiful deer we saw. If you look closely you can see the rack on the one on the left.

My husband said they made a “nice couple.” He is such a romantic! ;)

So….if you are feeling like it is too cold outside to exercise, I hear ya! :(

We can commiserate about it all winter long — I am with you on that topic!

But…. if you dress for it (wear layers, take your gloves, warm socks and boots, hat, etc) you will find you will actually enjoy the FRESH air and fun that you have.

You will

- burn calories

- learn how to make walking fun

- rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day

- feel great about yourself and what you are doing to take care of YOU!

Exercise takes just a few minutes each day, but the benefits last
throughout the day.

And you can feel it too!

Just begin to MOVE MORE and you will soon SEE and FEEL the amazing benefits of exercise!

Get off the couch! Get outside! Burn calories walking and have fun! :)

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