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Burn Calories Fast! 12 Fun Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

12 Fun Ways to Burn Calories Fast

Do you think burning calories and losing weight can’t be fun?

The truth is that burning calories MUST be fun.

If it’s not fun, or at least mildly enjoyable, who would want to do it?

There are so many ways to burn calories fast and have fun.

Of course, you probably have your own unique idea of fun.

So here are a few ideas you can use as a platform to help you create your own Fun Ways To Burn Calories!

1.    Clean up and declutter your living room or kitchen during TV commercials – Grab a duster or the vacuum cleaner and get busy. Clean those kitchen counters with gusto!

Remember each commercial break lasts about 2-3 minutes. You can get quite a bit done in that time and get your heart rate pounding if you hustle!

You can give yourself a clean kitchen and a trim waistline.

2.    Challenge yourself – If you already have a clean house or cleaning does NOT sound fun….. then instead of cleaning during commercials, why not see how many sit-ups you can do during a commercial break. Challenge yourself and your family to a friendly competition and enjoy the results.

My husband relentlessly competes with me daily on calorie burn and daily steps and other forms of physical challenges.

It is pretty comical how my husband will do ‘extra” activity to “beat” me and get more calories burned.

I think I burn more calories laughing at his antics – and he of course always beats my calorie burn.

It is a “friendly” competition though and always gets me to do more than I would otherwise.

Challenging yourself or another family member will help you step up your calories burned no matter what activity you choose!

3.    Walk the dog (or the kids) – a little sunshine and fresh air is good for everyone!

4.    Power walk or race walk. If you love the outdoors, get outside every day and go for a power walk. If you prefer to work out indoors – you can power walk inside the comfort of your home and burn a LOT of calories with my favorite indoor walking workout.

A power walk is a hybrid of walking and running.

You can also alternate between walking and power walking to burn more calories.

My favorite power walking workout is THIS one. Power walking is a blast and it help you burn calories fast!

5.    Beats Per Minute. Love music? There are MP3s, albums, and even podcasts designed specifically to motivate you during your workout. Choose your BPM and work out to the funky beat. Music is a great motivator to help you move more and burn those calories!

6.    Raise the bar. Have you achieved the 10,000 steps a day goal yet? If so, raise the bar. Try for 11,000 steps a day. Keep it up for four weeks and then raise the bar again.

7.    Turn OFF the television and turn ON the music. Clean the house to it. Do chores to it. Cook a healthy delicious nutritious meal to it. And move your body.

It is easy and fun to move more and burn more calories when you have some great upbeat music playing in the background.

8.    Learn a new activity or sport. Make a list of activities you want to learn or try for the first time. For example, go skydiving, rock climbing or learn to ballroom dance.

When you try new activities it causes “muscle confusion” which is just another way of saying that when you change up your exercise program and challenge new muscles with different types of activities it helps you burn more calories.

Plus it will help you avoid workout boredom. Keep your workouts interesting by trying new things often.

9.    Ditch the car and ride your bike. Have errands to run?

Get a basket on your bike and ride it to the store or post office instead of driving.

And please be sure to protect your beautiful head by wearing a helmet.

10.    Video games. More and more gaming centers are now offering exercise games. You can box, play tennis, or dance yourself skinny.

11.    Play like you used to when you were a kid. Remember how much fun you used to have when you were a kid?

Get in touch with your inner child and join a local team sport like softball, or organize a game between friends.

Or go to the local playground and play on the monkey bars, the swings and the slide!

Take some pictures so you can see the joy on your face.

Who says you have to be all mature and grown up all the time? ;)

You CAN act like a kid again!

And burn calories fast – just like kids do! Experience the pure joy of play!

12.    Social Activity. Instead of going to the movies with friends or out to the bar – instead why don’t you go bowling, roller skating, or dancing?

Having fun and getting your calorie burn each day begins with YOUR imagination.

Make a list of ideas and when you’re feeling unmotivated, take a peek at that list and get busy.

What sounds like fun to you? Share your ideas in the comments below – I would love to read them!

So…now you know lots of ways to Burn Calories FAST, why don’t you see exactly how many calories you burn each day with my favorite personal fitness tracker – the BodyMedia Fit

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