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Body Media Fit: 10 Reasons You’ll Reach Your Weight Loss Goals With THIS Personal Fitness Tracker

Body Media Fit Review Update from Jana

Everyone needs a little help. And this is particularly true when you’re trying to reach your weight loss goals.

As you know I am a fitness gadget girl – I love a good personal fitness tracker! Why? Because they motivate me to Eat Better and Move More!

Staying motivated to lose weight is often the biggest challenge and the Bodymedia FIT just might be better than having your own personal trainer.

In fact, the Bodymedia FIT armband is used to help The Biggest Loser contestants reach their weight loss goals.

If it can help folks on the Biggest Loser to reach their goals just think what it can do for you!

10 ways the BodyMedia will help you get healthy and slim in 2012


Here is what the Bodymedia FIT arm band can do for you:

1.   Accurately Track Your Calories Burned

Tracking the calories you’ve burned each day is tough. The Bodymedia FIT takes tracking calories burned to a whole new level.

It actually measures things like body temperature to evaluate your intensity level, so it can more accurately calculate how many calories you’re burning.

2.     Track The Calories You Eat and Drink With The Touch of a Button

Do you know how many calories you eat, and drink – can’t forget that latte!

Before I lost my weight I had no idea how many calories I was consuming. It’s difficult to know, especially when you’re cooking at home and the recipe doesn’t have nutrition information. Perhaps even more challenging was creating a system to track your daily calories.

The Bodymedia Armband does it for you. Yes, you do have to enter the foods you eat but it does the rest. And it stores and tracks all that information for you.

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3.    Calorie Balance – How Many Calories Do You Have Left?

When you know how much you’ve burned and how much you’ve consumed you can quickly make good decisions. You know if you need to go for another walk today or if you should get fat free milk in your latte.

4.    Are You Getting Your Zzzz’s?

Sleep has been intimately linked to weight loss and the hunger hormone ghrelin.

The Bodymedia FIT assesses your sleep when you wear it at night. It tells you the quality sleep you’re getting and how long you actually sleep.

5.    The 10,000 a Day Goal Just Got Easier

Counting steps to reach your daily goal? The Bodymedia armband helps you track your daily steps accurately.

6.    How Hard Are You Really Working Out?

The armband actually measures your physical activity level so you know if you’re working out as hard as you want to.

7.    Goal Oriented?

A quick glance at your up-to-the-minute stats on your display or smartphone and you can see what your weight loss goals are and how close you are to reaching them.

Instant motivation!

8.    Sharing – Social Support

In addition, the BodyMedia FIT lets you post your success and accomplishments on Facebook. And coaching and personal training features are only a short time away.

9.    On Your Arm And Out The Door

In my honest opinion if a fitness gadget has a 300 page manual and it takes you three months to learn how to use it, it’s not practical. And if you can’t access the information or update it with the press of a button then you may not use it. The Bodymedia FIT devices are easy to use – seriously, you’ll be using it like a pro less than an hour after you open the box.

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10.    Personal Bests

If you’re a competitive person the personal bests feature is a great motivator. It logs your workouts for you and one glance at your workout journal or past personal record and you know what target to aim for next.

There are many fitness gadgets and tools on the market.

The right personal fitness tracker can be a motivator, a coach, and a great way to stay on top of your weight loss program.

It’s important to find a tool that works for you.

As you’re comparing devices, give the Bodymedia FIT a look-see and see what all the excitement is about.

If you’re looking for help to lose weight and reach your fitness goals, the Bodymedia FIT armbands are at the top of the list.

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