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How Andie McDowell from Groundhog Day Inspired Me

I read an interview about Andie McDowell (the actress in Groundhog Day) in Prevention magazine way back in 2010 and some of the things she said REALLY stuck with me.

She is a little older than me (6 years older – she was 52 when the article was published).

She briefly mentioned the pressure to be thin that was part of her modeling and acting career – and she talked about how she handled it – which was really cool. And she talked about what is important to her now. She loves to hike with her sister and go for long walks with her dog and be a great mom to her kids.

“My perspective has changed so much. Sure, I want to be attractive, but it’s not my top priority. My mother died at 53 from a heart attack. I’m very close to that age. I want to be healthy for me, to be here for my kids, and I want to enjoy my life. It’s almost a relief to be able to think about yourself like that.”

It’s really about, Do I feel healthy because I’m strong? Are my shoulders back? Can I be happy? And can I climb mountains? Because, you know, I really want to climb mountains!”  – Andie McDowell

Her perspective on health and aging inspired me and I hope it inspires you too!

I like to hike a LOT – fresh air and the beauty of God’s creation are so amazing and uplifting…so her comments on being able to keep moving, keep hiking, keep climbing mountains – I could relate!

As I get older I SO WANT to be able to keep moving and enjoying nature and when I go for long walks outside I FEEL great and I usually have a lot of fun. Something about fresh air and my blood circulating and breathing a little harder makes me feel really alive.

I hope you are making HEALTH your number one priority instead of worrying about the size of your jeans or the weight on the scale. Focus on being healthy.

Work toward eating better and moving more each day and you will enjoy the gift of better health.

And the more you eat better and move more – the sooner you will reach your weight loss goals and you will have created healthy habits that help you MAINTAIN the weight loss.

When you have good health, the rest of your life and all of it’s challenges are so much easier to handle.  Don’t ya think? :)

If you want to read the entire article about Andie McDowell click here

Have a great day!


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