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All Talk, No Walk, Your Scale is not Budging and…..

Lots of folks WANT to lose weight.

But unfortunately quite often the “WANT TO” doesn’t translate into the “DO”

The “Talk” doesn’t turn into the “Walk”

If all you do is TALK about the weight you want to lose, you will still be overweight and unhealthy a year from now.

I know…I know…it can be REALLY hard to make healthy changes at times….well, actually…it may feel hard ALL the time.

Heck…if I hadn’t watched Food Inc. or read Eating Animals…I would still be craving Fried Chicken! In fact, I still crave Fried Food!

But…this is YOUR life story that YOU are writing…

Would you sign up to STAR in your current LIFE?

Or do you want a different ending to YOUR story?

Why don’t you take your “Want To” and DO something with it.

I love folks that take action.

The ones that decide to:

Break a sweat. Get off the couch. Do the hard stuff. Make better choices.

Ariel is a reader that is doing just that.

  • She has been making better choices about food.
  • She decides to work out and then she FOLLOWS THROUGH!
  • She has a great attitude even on those crazy difficult days that hit every single one of us!
  • She wants to lose weight. She wants to get healthy.

And she just gets up every day and makes the effort to improve her life ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Here are a few of her notes to me — Let Ariel inspire you too.

June 16

Dear Jana- I am 80 lbs overweight and I am desperate to see the scale move in the right direction—please help!!!
I am doing my smoothies, I am going to the gym but I still think I’m missing something and I don’t know what it is…
Thanks again for your thoughts and your delicious recipes.

July 16

I have been walking every morning at least 3 miles- and I am working towards 10000 steps or more into my daily activities.
Some days are better than others.
I’m already at 7637 steps today and it’s only 9:45 am..yeah!!!

Aug 4

Well, I am walking in the mornings (5 am) an average of 3 miles or so.
I already have 9673 steps today so I should go above and beyond my goal- YEAH!!!!!
I’m still walking in the mornings and the days that I don’t walk- I go to the gym and work out with weights.

Aug 11

Good news- I have lost eight pounds – 8 lbs – the weight is moving in the right direction!!!!!
THANK GOD & THANK YOU- JANA! Wahoo!!!! I am so, so grateful to you for your encouraging words.

Sept 28
I didn’t walk this morning because of the rain, so I will jump on the elliptical after work.
I do know that I have to move, move, move- and I am listening and implementing your ideas and sharing with my friends who wants to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Sept 29

I made the Apple Coleslaw last night and it was “OUT OF THIS WORLD” wow!  AWESOME- I used red cabbage, broccoli & vegenaise as substitute- it was marvelous darling!!!! Thanks a lot- you are the best!
Slept better and felt better too.I went walking and it started to rain so I was drenched! but I can hear you saying- move, move, move- so I will finish!

Ariel is eating better and moving more.

She is walking her talk!

She is making changes she can stick with for a lifetime.  And she WILL reach her goal.

Why? Because she put some action in her words. She put some skin in her own game!

She is investing in herself – instead of just talking about where she wishes she will be….she is making her wish come true!

So… how about the rest of you?

Are you ready to turn your talking into walking?

Get OFF the couch! You will be glad you did! ;)

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Iamloved1 November 11, 2011 at 6:25 pm

You’re right: Ariel is definitely an inspiration. Here’s the caveat: walking is great exercise but I keep having to faster (jogging), further (up to more than 3 miles a day now) or longer (my walk is almost an hour already). My body seems to be stuck. Any ideas?


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