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5 Easy Ways to Fit in a Walk Every Day (and actually enjoy it!)

Just about everyone already knows that walking is good for you.

And the best walking workout is one that you enjoy. (Otherwise you won’t do it, right?)

The best walking workout is one where you forget you are exercising (and doing one of the best things you could EVER do for your health) and just simply enjoy moving your body!

But if you want to get into the habit of walking, you might need a strategy (or perhaps even more than one) for getting yourself out the door to go on your walk each day.

Let’s face it; there are days when we feel like we’re too busy to exercise. But there are ways to make sure you find the time – you can do it!

It’ll be much easier to find time to walk every single day if you:

Pick a Time.

One of the ways that many people get off track in their walking program is not having a regular time to do their walking.

If you take the approach that you will do your walking “whenever” you have a chunk of free time, or whenever you feel like it, then there’s a good chance you’ll never make it out the door. Sometimes that “whenever” just never comes.

Make walking a priority by adding it to your schedule.

Most walkers find that choosing a specific time of day helps them stick to the plan. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be the same time every single day, just on a regular schedule. For example, you might decide to walk during lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, walk after dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and walk just after breakfast on the weekends.

Set your schedule in the way that makes the most sense to you. Put walking on your “to do” list and then do it – you will be SO glad you did!

Find a Friend.

It’s sometimes easy to skip a day or two or more of walking if you are the only one who has to deal with the consequences of skipping.

 But if you have a walking partner who is counting on you for company (and mutual support), you might find it harder to casually skip a scheduled walking time.

And let me tell you….time literally flies when you are walking and talking with a friend…before you know it you have both walked a mile or two or more.

You feel great and you’ve connected with a friend and with the world around you.

Get Your Dog in the Habit.

If you have a dog, then you already have a good candidate for a daily walking partner.

If you normally just let the dog outside into your backyard for his or her daily exercise, then start taking walks together.

Chances are your dog would much rather walk around the neighborhood with you, and will anxiously remind you each day when walk time rolls around.

Have a Goal.

Why are you walking?  What are you striving to accomplish?  To lose weight? To improve your health?

Having a goal can be an important part of your dedication to your walking program.

When you have a goal, such as walking in a charity event or simply being able to walk a certain distance in a certain time, you’ll be less likely to skip a single workout.

Keep Track of Your Walking.

Keeping track of your walking can be a great reminder of your past success and dedication, so your desire to continue that success will be a strong motivator to find time to walk each day.

Keeping track of your activity is easy with a pedometer or Fitbit. Even if you are not a gadget-oriented person, you can keep track of your walking in a little notebook or log it on your wall calendar (and then you can look back over the weeks and see what a great healthy fit person you are!)

Bottom line… I hope you try one or more of these strategies to help keep yourself on your walking program. 

Just don’t give up. Keep trying new stuff.  The key is to find what works best for you…and then do it! :)

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