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3 Great Interval Training Programs to Burn More Calories

3 Tips to Burn More Calories with Interval Training

Have you reached that frustrating and  cruel “plateau?”

You know, it’s that point in your transformation when your weight loss stalls.

You go from 90mph to 0 in no time flat. It’s frustrating, to say the least!

Or……. maybe you’re impatient.

You want to lose more weight and you want to lose it fast – but you’re not sure how to get the job done.

I have an answer for you – intervals!

What is interval training?

An interval is a short segment of time where you increase your workout intensity level.

And what’s great about interval training or doing intervals in your workout…. is that you can choose an interval training workout program that works for you.


Tabata Training is a form of interval training that is fun and easy to do.

This DVD is my favorite tabata workout. It has 3 different levels so you can find one that will work for you even if you have never worked out before.

Just so you know, I stick with level ONE and get a great workout. Click Here for a FUN mega – calorie burning interval workout


I recommend 3 different approaches to creating an interval training program to burn more calories.

I’ve tried and used all three approaches.

I won’t tell you which one is my favorite – try all three and decide for yourself.

Interval Training Workout Program #1

Watch the Clock

With this simple interval training program you
use an interval timer or a stopwatch and alternate
intensity levels based on TIME.

For example, you might walk for five minutes
at your normal, comfortable, level.

Once the interval timer hits five minutes
you amp it up and walk as fast as you
can for two minutes.

When the clock hits two minutes,
you slow down and maintain your
comfortable pace for another five minutes.

Continue this cycle until you’ve
completed your workout.

Easy, right?

You can modify the times to fit your
needs and fitness level.

Learn more about
what an interval timer  can do for you – Click Here

This is a great cheap interval timer (low cost, NOT low quality) :)


Interval Training Workout Program #2

PILE it On

PILE stands for Perceived Intensity Level and Exertion

P- Perceived

I- Intensity

L- Level &

E- Exertion.

With this interval program, instead of using a stopwatch,
you pay attention to your heart rate and breathing.

You’ll walk at a comfortable level,
(maybe a 5 or 6 on a scale from 1-10
with 10 being the hardest workout ever),
until you’re warmed up.

Then you kick it up to a 7, 8
or – if you’re feeling really
ambitious – a 9.

Walk as long as you can at this level
then drop back down to a comfy level.

Repeat this until you’re done with your workout.

Interval Training Workout Program #3

An Uphill Battle

Finally, you can embrace interval training by walking in a hilly area.

Your body has to work harder going uphill, so you burn more calories.

This is especially true if you maintain the same pace you had when you were walking on flat land.


Now all three of these workouts are great outside.

The fresh air and sunshine is good for you.

However, you can also turn any of these workouts  into treadmill interval workouts.

In fact they make great treadmills that simulate a hilly walk.

I love this interval training program for treadmills: Treadmill Trainer™ Hill Trekker.

As you listen, it tells you what incline to raise your treadmill to. It’s fun and it’s a fantastic walking workout for treadmills.

Indoors or out, interval training programs burn more calories.

Try one today and enjoy the results!

This is MY favorite way to track my calorie burn when I do interval training.

You will LOVE seeing your much higher calorie burn when you bump up your intensity for 10-15 second intervals a few times during your workout.

My husband and I both use the Body Media Fit and it is really motivating!

And….If you have not done it yet, sign up here for my FREE Ebook and  get all the Straight Skinny updates from Jana.


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