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3 Essential Tools to Help You Lose Weight

One of the most important steps to losing weight is tracking, and measuring, your success.

But….. If you don’t know where you are or how your efforts are working, how will you know when you succeed?

Tracking and Measuring Your Success Helps you stay motivated.

It’s extremely empowering when you realize your efforts are paying off.

Each pound you lose brings you one pound closer to your ultimate weight loss goal!!

There are a few basic tools that can help you stay on track to lose weight.

They are:

1. Journal
2. This awesome Pedometer !
3. Calorie counting system

Why Journal?

Weight gain is rarely about one thing. Often it’s caused by lifestyle, beliefs and emotions. When you journal throughout your weight loss process you’ll likely have several “ah-ha” moments. These moments will provide clarity. They’ll help you overcome your weight loss challenges. They’ll help you live the better life you’ve been striving for.

What Do You Journal?
Journal the data, for example how much you’ve lost. How many calories you ate that day and what you ate. Journal how much you’ve exercised, how it felt, how much effort you put into it and how many calories you burned during exercise.

Also journal how you felt that day. Any challenges you dealt with and whether you dealt with them successfully or if you had a few setbacks. You can use a good old fashioned notebook. You can journal online or you can use an application on your laptop or mobile device. There’s no right or wrong way to journal. Just journal! :)

You can use a simple notebook or if you want more guidance and more details you might like this journal

Why A Pedometer?
A pedometer is an inexpensive tool that will help you maintain an active lifestyle each and every day. Set the simple goal of walking 10000 steps each day. Track in your journal how many steps you took and what you did to achieve your goal.

You all KNOW how much I love my pedometers! I have been wearing them for years and they are SO helpful. Here are my two favorites that I wear every day:  Favorite Pedometer 1 and Favorite Pedometer 2

Why Count Calories?
Counting calories can feel tedious to many people and IT IS!

However, it’s also the most basic source of weight loss information you have.

If you consume 3500 fewer calories each week than you burn, you will lose a pound. It is simple math. Which means if you count your calories and know how much you burn and how much you eat you also know how much weight you’re on track to lose.

You can use an online calorie counting tool like or a free application for your mobile device to track your calories each day.

Truth: I counted calories a LOT years ago and I still find it very important to do so if you have NO CLUE what you are eating or how many calories are in the foods you love. So….yes, I think counting calories is helpful – but I don’t want you to get bogged down in tedium and forget to focus on eating better. Just don’t be CLUELESS with calories – okay? Read labels and while you are doing that – look at the darn calorie count too! :)

I have found that if you eat lots of whole natural unprocessed foods you will naturally lose weight more easily than if you are counting calories like mad and eating those awful diet frozen dinners…. you know the ones…I used to eat them too.

Of the 3 tools here that I continue to use daily – the journal and the pedometer are my faves. You might be different. Find what works for you – if you need to choose just one tool – get this pedometer!

Losing weight can feel like a tough challenge.

Use these three tools to help you stay on track to reach your weight loss goals.

To Your Great Health!

Jana ;)

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